Andrew Martello
1306 Lucas Ave Unit 806
St. Louis, MO 63103

To achieve a J2EE software position in a growing company where I can mentor
others   and utilize a variety of development and troubleshooting skills.
J2EE (Struts, JMS, JSF, EJB 2.1 EJB 3.0, etc.), UNIX, Windows, CORBA, DB2,
Informix, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Javascript (AJAX), Netegrity, LDAP, J2EE
App Servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, etc.), XML (Schema, etc.)
Twelve years of professional software development experience, over twenty
years of total computer experience.  Significant experience in the areas of Java
J2EE development, best practices, developer efficiency management,
configuration management, and extreme programming practices  Network and
Database Administration as well as hardware/software installation and
configuration. Software Architect for Enterprise Java applications utilizing JMS,
XML, and JCA.  Lead developer / Architect on JSF applications.  Experience in
back end integration of existing architecture with new front-end architecture.
Extensive knowledge of business development, billing systems, and
marketing. Skilled in management and training.
BSCS December 1997,         James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
Federal Reserve Bank (Technology-Partners)        
                                                          Senior Consultant (Team Lead / Architect)
St. Louis, MO (11/04 – Present)
Responsible for leading several teams of developers in a J2EE environment
for enterprise financial applications.  Responsible for redesign of  code,
integration of best practices for Java, configuration management, and
troubleshooting.  Responsible for hiring, interviews, and code reviews for
several teams.  Utilized, JSF, Struts, Hibernate, Ant, RSA, Eclipse, ClearCase,
ClearQuest, UML, EJB 2.1, Weblogic 8.1, Oracle, Solaris, Netegrity, web
services, and Actuate.
SBC (Technology-Partners)                  Senior Consultant (Technical Architect)
St. Louis, MO (06/03 – 11/04)
Responsible for introduction and recommendation of new tools, policies, and
procedures for middleware development. Responsible for interacting with
project managers and developers and arbitration when. Training of employees
in new tools, best practices, configuration management, and Java
technologies. Development of working proof of concept code for difficult
architectural components. Responsible for designing Java middleware
components in an enterprise environment with Java, utilizing JMS, JCA, SOAP,
XML, and CORBA technologies. Responsible for setting up the development
environment, including CVS, ANT, Eclipse, Java. Responsible for leading code
reviews, and general troubleshooting.
MetaMatrix Inc.                                                                Software Engineer
Creve Coeur, MO (11/00 – 06/03)
Responsible for programming various aspects of a custom application in Java
ranging from user tools to complete system packages for querying disparate
data sources. Customized J2EE application development, packaging, and
deployment on a variety of application servers. J2ME coding of wireless clients
to interface via SOAP. Custom research and development of a variety of java
clients to integrate with MetaMatrix server code. Implemented Apache SOAP
services. Lead WebSphere developer. Troubleshooting customer problems
ranging from network to software issues. Unix administration of development
servers. Database administrator / developer for SQL Servers, DB2, Sybase,
Oracle, and Informix. Received numerous accolades for performance in solving
difficult customer and technical issues. Responsible for configuration
management and implementation of new automated build processes using
ANT, CVS, and VSS. Social committee chairman in charge of planning,
executing, and cooking at company picnics.
Folio[fn]                                                                                Software Engineer
Vienna, VA (1/00 – 11/00)
Responsible for programming the front and back end system using EJBs,
Sybase stored procedures, and JSPs for an online brokerage system.
Responsible for code maintenance and QA. Responsible for the new
development of tools and products for online brokerage firm. Wrote Sybase
database stored procedures to interface with BEA Weblogic servers on the
front and back-end. Wrote EJB code to call JDBC functions to execute Sybase
stored procedures. Responsible for billing data maintenance and production
support. Wrote user interfaces with .jsp to interface with the EJB middleware.
Responsible for mentoring junior engineers in Sybase and Java. Designed,
developed, and maintaining the current production billing system
Xpedior Inc (Formerly NDC Group)                                Senior Consultant
Alexandria, VA (3/98 – 1/00)
Recognized and received several awards, including, "Above and Beyond" (2x),
"Team of the quarter". Promoted from Staff Consultant (January 1999). · Fortune
500 Packaging Business (NDC Group), BroadVision e-commerce site Network
/ Database Administrator for Unix development team. JSP coding, C++
middleware coding. Responsible for procurement of software and hardware for
projects. Responsible for software installation, system administration, CVS
administration, and Oracle DBA

Internet calendar project tasked with creating and maintaining the back end
Oracle database, creating triggers, stored procedures, and teaching other
developers how to develop in Oracle

Consulted for GE, MCI, Star Networks, BroadVision, Visa, and a variety of other
clients primarily in J2EE Enterprise web applications with Oracle backend
databases.  Provided consultation in a variety of roles from developer to team
lead to architect.  Led several teams (4 to 5 developers) for Java J2EE
Great Eastern Resorts                                Network / Database Administrator
Harrisonburg, VA (6/96 – 3/98)
Administered a FoxPro 2.0 database, Novell 3.11 LAN with 20 client
workstations for a telemarketing office. Responsible for management of data
entry team, training, hiring and firing of personnel, and maintenance of
machines. Worked while finishing Senior year at James Madison University.